About us

Who are we and what we do.

LangTastic has been established as an E-learning platform in need of the companies and individuals who need to improve their English language proficiency. Based on a newly developed methodology, LangTastic is the rights choice for everyone who has been struggling in time for a better fluency and a higher confidence in English conversations and business meetings.
There are three main pillars that form the core of LangTastic as below:
1 – Methedology Fluency in speech is the main foundation of LangTastic and on this purpose is based the structure of the courses and the teaching methodology. Each course consists in one main theme containing 30 classes with different topics related to the main subject. Courses are created based on the main areas impacting our professional and personal lives. During the whole course the student will be able to track his progress in real time due to some specific features developed by the platform.
2 – One to one classes We say goodbye to the typical classes with one teacher and a considerable number of students. At LangTastic, each student will have individual classes in order to make the most of his class and unleash his potential while speaking in English. Each class has a duration of 27 minutes.
3 – Flexibility You choose the day and the time that you would like to take the class depending on your own schedule. The platform offers a wide flexibility starting from 07:30 AM up to 11:30PM… from Monday to Sunday. So, the choice is yours ;)

People us

  • Amazing experience!

    This platform is like anything else I have tried before. I love the flexibility that it offers and also the courses are so interactive and interesting that make me engage during the whole classes.

    Erinda Xhaferraj

    Tirana International Airport

  • The right fit for people in business.

    As a person who is always in charge of business meetings with international clients, LangTastic has become the perfect choice for me. I really like the methodology they follow since from class to class I become more confident and fluent.

    Florian Selmanaj

    Project manager
    Impuls Agency

  • Much more than an English class.

    What I mostly like about LangTastic is the fact that you don’t feel like you are taking a regular class of English because the class itself it is much more than that. The platform is really innovative and the teachers are wonderful.

    Geert Vullings


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