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This website where you have entered,, is the official website of LangTastic6. On this page the user can come across various application forms and in different areas of these forms the need may arise to enter personal data. LangTastic assures every user that for every data that arrives in its database is committed to rigorously implement the entire legal framework in the protection and observance of any action related to data of users, as defined by the Constitution of the Republic of Albania, the Law in force (No. 9887 dated 10.03.2008) "On Personal Data Protection" and bylaws in addition.
Personal data can be used if one or more of the following criteria have been satisfied:
a) It is clearly legally permissible to use the data in the way intended.
b) The data subject has consented to his/her data being used.
c) It is necessary to use the data in this way in order for the company to fulfil its obligations under an agreement with the data subject, including its contractual duties to inform and/or secondary duties, or in order for the company to implement pre- or post-contractual measures for initiating or processing an agreement that have been requested by the data subject.
d) The data must be used to fulfil a legal obligation of the company.
e) It is necessary to use the data to safeguard the data subject's vital interests.
f) It is necessary to use the data to complete a task that is in the interest of the general public or that forms part of the exercise of public authority and with which the company or third party to whom the data is transferred was charged.
g) It is necessary to process the data in order to realize the legitimate interests of the company or the third party/parties to whom data is being transmitted, provided these interests are not clearly outweighed by interests of the data subject warranting protection.
The user also asserts the veracity and accuracy of all the data filled in by him in various forms. By filling in any form and pressing the continue button, the user accepts the right of the company for internal use, only for the purpose requested by the user, of the completed information and their further processing by LangTastic.
Based on law no. 9887 dated 10.03.2008 the user, through a request, has the right to request to see his personal data provided voluntarily, or to request their correction.

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  • Amazing experience!

    This platform is like anything else I have tried before. I love the flexibility that it offers and also the courses are so interactive and interesting that make me engage during the whole classes.

    Erinda Xhaferraj

    Tirana International Airport

  • The right fit for people in business.

    As a person who is always in charge of business meetings with international clients, LangTastic has become the perfect choice for me. I really like the methodology they follow since from class to class I become more confident and fluent.

    Florian Selmanaj

    Project manager
    Impuls Agency

  • Much more than an English class.

    What I mostly like about LangTastic is the fact that you don’t feel like you are taking a regular class of English because the class itself it is much more than that. The platform is really innovative and the teachers are wonderful.

    Geert Vullings


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