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People us

  • Amazing experience!

    This platform is like anything else I have tried before. I love the flexibility that it offers and also the courses are so interactive and interesting that make me engage during the whole classes.

    Erinda Xhaferraj

    Tirana International Airport

  • The right fit for people in business.

    As a person who is always in charge of business meetings with international clients, LangTastic has become the perfect choice for me. I really like the methodology they follow since from class to class I become more confident and fluent.

    Florian Selmanaj

    Project manager
    Impuls Agency

  • Much more than an English class.

    What I mostly like about LangTastic is the fact that you don’t feel like you are taking a regular class of English because the class itself it is much more than that. The platform is really innovative and the teachers are wonderful.

    Geert Vullings


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